A year ago I decided to take the plunge into writing my own food blog. It started off great but in all fairness I tried to do too much. I was posting as fast as ¬†could everything I was doing creatively. As one might imagine this was hard to keep up with. Now, a year in I am ready to get back at it but not without some changes. In the coming months I hope to do a lot of overhauling on the site it’s self but mostly I want to think about what I am posting. I want the posts to have more substance and more importantly I want them to really share the story as to why this or that recipe resonated with me.

I want this to be a place where those who want delicious well tested recipes can come and get ideas, inspiration in flavors combinations, and hear how a real home cook is trying to take on the massive task of everything being from scratch.

So if you’re curious how I handle the workload, pick the recipes, or where I find success and failure in the kitchen this is the site to dig into. I currently do still have my art on here but I plan to eventually fully transition this to a food blog.

So please, join me on my continuing journey into the world of food, recipes, sourcing ingredients, and so much more…


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