Commission Work

Are you interested in having a custom art project done? Need someone to help you bring it to life? Well, look no further. I do everything from caricatures of your loved ones, to unique business cards, to logos, to full feature images, and even fully illustrated picture books. I also do a lot of work with greeting cards and certificates.

When it comes to pricing really like to talk to the client and get a scope of the project but to give you some idea of how I normally charge here is a list:

Full Person Illustration: $25  (if it’s just the shoulders up: $15)

Animals: $10

Detail rich backgrounds: $50

All my work is done digitally. I normally ask for reference photos to be emailed to me (the better the quality of the image the better of a likeness I can do).

If you are interested please fill out the Contact Form and I will respond to you as quickly as I can. Holidays can get nuts so please allow me ample time if you are wanting your idea to be completed for the holidays.


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